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Migrate your WordPress site to Docker Containers

Supercharge your website’s functionality with WPSmarter’s Docker containerization. The big names in the industry are all using it. Hop in and take advantage of the perks it yields. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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WordPress Docker containerization Enhances Flexibility and Performance

In today’s tight competition, performance is the name of the game. Google gives high regards to Website Performance in their SEO algorithm. Thus, each decision web owners make could affect their website’s flexibility, performance, or both. So how is it possible to successfully fuse flexibility and performance? Good thing there’s now a new game in town called Docker.

Docker is a whole new innovation that enables you to virtualize applications. Docker makes it possible for web admins to install their websites in Docker containers. WPSmarter.com containerizes WordPress sites’ whole LAMP or LEMP stacks. Embracing WordPress Docker containerization opens a wide door of flexibility for a WP site. You can conveniently move your WordPress container between servers, separate MySQL from WordPress, load balancing, Scale WordPress, all without leaving the performance behind. You can even ‘ship’ your container to other people. For instance, you can send a whole site to a developer, review the modifications, and integrate the changes made to the live website with a simple version control system. WPSmarter will help you achieve all that.

It’s High Time to Maximize Docker containerization

As a whole, Docker is the ability to obtain virtualization at an application’s level rather than that of the operating system. It practically enables you to have more instances of an app, leading to more databases, more websites, without having to install an operating system (Linux, Windows, etc.) again and again.

Thus, you can easily obtain scalable apps that scale up or down faster than apps built on conventional virtualization. It’s much more lightweight and much cheaper as well. This innovation has totally taken the cloud industry by storm. Even Google has been maximizing this Docker technology in operating their infrastructure for years. If the big players are using it, there’s no reason you won’t. Level up your technologies with WPSmarter’s WordPress Docker containerization.

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    Conceptualization and Planning

    We will listen to you and will work hand-in-hand to craft our game plan.

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    Our Docker professionals will deploy the solution to your servers/Amazon Web Services.

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    Performance Control

    We will ensure that the plans work out smoothly and successfully.

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